I have considered myself a reader since elementary school when I first came into contact with Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympian series. From there, I was picking up books every chance I got, devouring stories left and right. Throughout my life, I have seen many of my interests wax and wane, but reading was always a constant. Fast forward fifteen years and you can constantly find me with an epic or high fantasy in my hands if I do not already have my head in a casebook for school. 

It was my love for reading that lead me to join the Bookish community on Instagram and create Bookish and Bound during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was floored at the love my page received and that so many people came to enjoy the limited content I was creating. However, I felt somewhat limited by the confines of Instagram and decided to expand Bookish and Bound to this website! I was looking for a space to more fully express my thoughts on my current reads, while also presenting Bookish and Bound on a more professional platform. 

It is my goal to include a variety of content on this blog including: book reviews, book recommendations, author interviews, bookish merchandise, and any other miscellaneous bookish content that makes its way into my life! Once social gatherings become a normal occurrence again, I additionally expect to share my experiences at author events and book conventions. 

Until then, buckle up and sit back and enjoy new blog posts every Wednesday with additional content spaced throughout my week. Thank you for sharing in my unsolicited bookish thoughts and happy reading to you all!

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